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Welcome to the ADA Self Advocacy for Youth Curriculum Trainer Portal!

This Portal provides members of the ADA Self Advocacy for Youth Trainer Network with access to current and accurate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and self-advocacy training materials. These materials are designed to be used to provide instruction for students with disabilities in a secondary, post-secondary, or other education programs about their rights and responsibilities under the ADA and to foster the development of self-advocacy skills. The Portal is password protected and made available to trainers after completion of the Train the Trainer program with the Southeast ADA Center’s Training Team.

The ADA and Self-Advocacy for Youth — Train-the-Trainer Curriculum has been developed with a modular design. Using the train-the-trainer model, each module includes multiple components including:

  • PowerPoint slides with presentation content and talking notes
  • Training facilitator talking points and speaker notes
  • Videos and other multi-media content (when appropriate)
  • Activities such as role play scenarios, quizzes, art and musical expressions activities, and group discussions
  • Module specific resources including: publications, organizations, videos, toolkits, and websites
  • Information about hosting an accessible training event, accessible presentation methods, effective utilization of the module materials, and strategies for customizing modules based on audience needs.

The modules are designed to be presented either as a series or in stand-alone sessions. Shorter or longer sessions may be developed based upon the students’ needs. A menu of interactive exercises is provided for each module. One or more activities may be selected to reinforce the learning objectives based upon the needs of the facilitator and students.

Our goal is to make the Portal as user-friendly as possible while providing all of the materials and information you need to successfully deliver your ADA and Self-Advocacy trainings. We welcome your feedback as we work to create an online ADA training materials platform that you will want to visit often!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the site, please contact us

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